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  • Launch Of Unidrive M: Control Techniques’ New Drive Family

    AHMEDABAD, Gujarat, September 2014: Control Techniques (India) Private Limited, a business of Emerson Industrial Automation, has launched Unidrive M​: its ground-breaking new family of AC and servo drives tailored to the needs of manufacturing automation customers. Based on extensive market research, Control Techniques has developed a family of seven drives, each with unprecedented levels of performance and functionality. Every drive has been designed to meet the requirements of, and improve productivity in, a specific area of the manufacturing market.

    Manufacturing sector in India has been constantly trying to optimize bottom lines by improving productivity and implementing safety measures. Control Technique’s Unidrive M family is not only extremely user friendly, but also incorporates key safety measures, some of which are usually missed out by the manufacturing industry. The top range product, Unidrive M800, integrates a new breed of high performance MCi machine controller within the drive. The solution is designed to enhance machine throughput by providing comprehensive control across complete customer machines. MCi controllers are configured using the CODESYS programming environment with standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages and standard Ethernet for communication across drives, I/O, HMIs, PLCs and other industrial devices. Control Techniques’ synchronised multi tasking structure and advanced motion control expertise complete the high performance offering, fully utilising open and industry standard technologies.

    Control Techniques’ advanced new Real Time Machine Control Protocol uses standard Ethernet TCP/IP and UDP to provide a highly efficient and compact message structure that frees up Ethernet network bandwidth and minimises network loading. This allows Unidrive M models to talk directly to each other instead of having to route all communications through the traditional machine controller. Each Ethernet-enabled drive incorporates a dual port Ethernet switch with standard RJ45 connectors, greatly simplifying the task of networking machines.

    Tom Alexander, Vice President of Technology at Control Techniques, says: “Control Techniques’ new Ethernet protocol has been designed with the factories of the future in mind. It will undoubtedly assist all our manufacturing customers on the essential journey towards smarter production methods. Rather than just updating our existing software suite to fit the new product, we developed our new PC tools using the results of an innovative human-centred design program that took user requirements into account right from the beginning of the design process.”

    Another area of innovation in the development of Unidrive M has been the PC tools: Unidrive M Connect and Machine Control Studio. Unidrive M Connect is Control Techniques’ new drive configuration and monitoring software, designed to make it easy to access the products’ full feature sets. . The tool allows users to optimise drive tuning, back up the configuration set and troubleshoot more quickly. Machine Control Studio provides a full function automation development environment that uses open industry standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages and is powered by CODESYS to meet Manufacturing Automation requirements. Unidrive M Connect and Machine Control Studio both use the same communications components, allowing them to run simultaneously using numerous communication protocols.

    Rengan Rajan, Managing Director – Drives and Motor Technology for Emerson Industrial Automation says: “We believe that Unidrive M offers the best motor performance available on the market from any manufacturing drive. Unidrive M enables customers to achieve flawless data integration, improve communication speed, manage critical applications, and all this, with a reduced total cost of ownership.”

    Control Techniques’ new tools have an operational focus, so the user does not need to know about our specific drives or parameter menus. Additionally, commissioning and maintenance tasks have been greatly simplified through a user interface that prioritises common tasks. Control Techniques has always had a reputation for advanced motor control and the Unidrive M family takes a further leap forward in performance by more than doubling the bandwidth of the control loops. Control Techniques’ unique motor control algorithms, combined with the latest microprocessor technology, ensure that Unidrive M offers the highest stability and performance for all industrial motor types. This enables users to maximise machine throughput in every application and with every motor.

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