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    Remote Control

  • A Better Way to Manage Data Center Operations

    The IT solution provider is one of the world’s largest providers of IT related services. It has a distributed operating model with a presence in over 30 countries and more than 70 cities. This model results in having a large number of data centers located around the world and many talented, technical people located in different locations. Effectively leveraging this distributed talent and managing its worldwide array of data centers is critical to enhance operational efficiency for the provider.

    Although the IT solution provider is already a very successful company, it constantly strives to improve its operating model through changes in procedures and through the incremental application of new technologies. A key improvement area was identified in the operation of its distributed data centers.

    During the study of existing operational patterns, two major problems were identified:

    • The urgency and impact of the productivity loss to the company and its customers when a problem arises or a device goes down hundreds of miles away.
    • The amount of time required to provision a new hub office or data center at a remote location.

    Emerson Network Power approached the problem using a formal solution-lifecycle methodology. A strategy was developed first and then a solution design was derived which aligned itself with the strategy. After this, a phased deployment model was used to implement the solution with minimal risk and impact to ongoing operations. Finally, a system of continual improvement was instituted so that additional efficiencies could be realized.

    With the customer’s objectives understood, Emerson developed a comprehensive solution consisting of server, power and advanced console server management hardware and software.

    The benefits realized by the IT solution provider were significant:
    • It realized a reduction of MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) from hours/days to minutes, thus providing an additional benefit of improving SLA compliance.
    • Trips to remote hub offices were reduced from four unplanned visits to one planned visit per year.

    Emerson’s solution for remote control of data center assets had a substantial impact on the IT solution provider’s technical operations and bottom line. It also enhanced the IT solution provider’s image with its customers by enabling more rapid resolution of problems and helping to adapt quickly to changing customer requirements.

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