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  • Keeping a Cool Space for Fast-Moving Beverages

    Rising temperatures have set the tone for fierce competition in the Indian beverage industry. Non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage makers in India consistently rollout new products and campaigns. India is a $10 billion market for non-alcoholic, carbonated beverages, and has tremendous growth potential since the per capita consumption is still at very nascent levels.

    Bottle coolers play a crucial role in the beverages industry as they are used for chilling, storing and displaying a range of beverages. These bottle coolers are designed to chill products quickly, even when the doors are opened frequently and merchandize requires frequent turnaround. Hence coolers need to be equipped with a powerful refrigeration system that is reliable and has a long service life.

    This is where Emerson Climate Technologies plays a crucial technology role. Emerson’s proven refrigeration compressors are the compressor of choice for bottle cooler manufacturers in India, with almost 80 percent participation in this space.

    The cooling process and refrigeration are keys to store the fast-moving beverages. The three factors that become critical for any bottle cooler are:

    1. No downtime.
    2. Quicker pull-down time (the time required to change the product’s initial temperature going into the bottle cooler to the desired chill temperature).
    3. Shorter lead time on compressor to cooler manufacturer and, in turn, cooler manufacturer to beverage companies.

    Refrigeration compressors offered by Emerson Climate Technology are efficient and reliable, and provide quicker pull-down time for the bottle coolers. Emerson’s streamlined plant operations have shortened the manufacturing lead time considerably; the order to delivery time is 3-4 weeks.

    Emerson Climate Technologies has superior product technology and pan-India service infrastructure to support OEMs’ field service requirements. Moreover, product customization and active technical support has positioned the company as a leader in the bottle cooler space.

    To learn more about Emerson Climate Technologies’ food and beverage offerings, click here.