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    Emerson takes great pride in being a well-managed company. One of the ways we achieve and maintain this reputational attribute is by recruiting the best high-potential people from leading universities around the world who have the experience, skills and enthu​siasm to work at our company.  The Emerson India MBA Program has become an important part of our talent pipeline.

    Each year Emerson represen​tatives visit several of India’s leading management institutes to introduce our company to MBA students and explain the career paths and opportunities available within our company.  The Emerson India MBA Program offers the selected participants hands-on experiences with several business functions, including strategic planning, analytics, sales, marketing, finance, operations, human resources, and business development. ​

    Emerson typically recruits 4 to 5 recent MBA recipients in India for full-time positions annually. These assignments can be at our corporate head offices in Mumbai or Delhi or at one of our businesses across India. Initial assignments are typically 12 to 24 months, after which time the participant may be rotated and assigned specific roles within the company based on need and requirement.

    These full-time positions are typically offered to MBA recipients who have two to three years of prior work experience and received their MBA degree from one India’s leading management institutes.

    Globally, more than 70 percent of the MBAs hired in the last 10 years have remained at Emerson and been promoted to leadership roles. In fact, David N. Farr, Emerson’s chairman, CEO and president, began his Emerson career as a participant in the U.S. MBA Leadership Program.

    If you have questions regarding the Emerson India MBA Program or want to apply, please contact your educational institution’s career placement office. 


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