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  • Corporate Citizenship 

    ​Corporate Citizenship​​

  • Expanding the reach of quality education in Dehradun

    One of Emerson’s key objectives is continuity in education as part of its corporate citizenship program. Taking that vision forward, Emerson is partnering with Purkal Youth Development Society​ (PYDS) to bring about an uplifting change in the lives of underprivileged youth and children in rural areas of Dehradun, in the Himalayan foothills of northern India.

    Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS) is a registered NGO which was created as a response to the lack of quality education for economically disadvantaged youth in this rural area. PYDS was established with the goal of providing quality comprehensive education at the least possible cost to needy local young people. Today PYDS operates a primary school, secondary school and a senior secondary school in Dehardrun that now serves approximately 300 youth, providing English instruction, nutrition, a range of extra-curricular activities, medical attention and emphasizes the child’s overall well-being to help them become future leaders. PYDS currently aims to provide residential facilities to all girls and boys in the school post class 5.

    With support from Emerson, PYDS will be able to sustain and improve the schools’ infrastructure and create an appropriate learning atmosphere. Well-rounded education through “learning by doing” is one of the key focuses of PYDS and Emerson is working towards helping them fulfil this aim. The school is equipped with spacious classrooms, library, E-Lab and rooms for creative activities such as painting, music, dance, pottery, etc. It provides a challenging learning environment by providing various scholarships to all its students. A range of activities for skill development and personality growth make for a rounded personality. The teaching techniques of the school have attracted the interest of many educators across the country.

    The essence of learning at PYDS is directly related to the strong student-teacher bond bringing out the best in children. The children here, besides academics, are taught ‘a way of life’. PYDS has become a pioneer in providing affordable quality education to the economically challenged, while upholding principles of equality and equity.​​