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Corporate Citizenship 

​Corporate Citizenship​​

  • Vocational training, skill-building at Night Schools

    One of the key objectives of Emerson’s corporate citizenship programme is to support continuity in education for the under-privileged. Emerson is partnering with Masoom, a not-for-profit organization that works with night school students to generate interest in academics and provide them with better career opportunities.
    There are 186 night schools in Maharashtra out of which 136 schools are in Mumbai. Masoom was set up in 2008 and started its intervention programmes in two night schools as a pilot project. Currently it is working with 57 night schools. Masoom plans to reach out to all 186 night schools in Maharashtra by 2020.

    Masoom runs a comprehensive “School Transformation Programme” for night school education. This programme is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the night school and its students. The students are mainly school dropouts with poor socio-economic background, most of whom work during the day to financially support their families. The programme addresses the following three aspects:

    1. Infrastructure and resources: Providing textbooks, notebooks, workbooks, science mobile laboratory, math-kits, extra-tuition classes, and special moderator sessions for students appearing for Secondary School Certificate (grade 10) examination and nutritional support. 
    2. Capacity building: Masoom grades schools on various parameters and works with various stakeholders such as headmasters, teachers, trustees, parents and students to improve the quality of education in night schools. 
    3. Advocacy: Masoom is raising awareness and advocating amongst key decision-makers the urgent need for policy-level changes to be made and implemented. 
    Using Emerson’s contributions, Masoom will be conducting short-term skills development courses for 250 students. The skills identified are digital filmmaking, photography, animation courses, graphic designing, mobile repairing, beautician courses, electrician training, retail, plumbing, book binding, etc. Emerson’s funding will help Masoom make the night schools’ curriculum more robust and enriching.