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  • Emerson China Charitable Program Celebrated its 5th Anniversary

    BEIJING, China (October 16, 2013) -- Emerson (NYSE: EMR) today celebrated its fifth year of charity initiatives in China and held the Emerson China corporate social Responsibility media roundtable to review the various charity projects it has undertaken in China.

    As a global corporate citizen, Emerson has had a long-standing commitment to its corporate citizenship efforts in China. Launched in 2009, the China Charitable Program is a national initiative supported by all Emerson business and aimed at helping enhance the quality of life in Chinese communities where the company operates. It leverages Emerson’s core capabilities in engineering and infrastructure development, as well as education, health, and humanitarian relief.

    Over the past five years, Emerson has carried out various projects, including the Guangdong Ruyuan Highlands Minority Housing Rebuilding Project, the Angel and Sunshine Program that aimed at helping children with congenital heart disease, the New Great Wall Program which provides financial aid to poor college students, as well as the Water Cellar for Mothers Program, which aims to alleviate water shortages in Yunnan province.

    “Emerson’s charitable programs are not just about donating money, but about ensuring project synergy and follow-up management,” said Dadong Zhao, general manager of Emerson China. He said that management process is the key to the company’s steady long-term growth in this market, and that the same can be said of its charitable programs.

    Strong control and follow-up system
    Emerson has carried out two new projects in the past fiscal year: the Guangdong Ruyuan Highlands Minority Housing Rebuilding Project, and the Angel and Sunshine Program. Both were well planned, with strong control and effective follow-up systems.

    According to Jennifer Tang, human resources director of Emerson China, during the Chinese Red Cross Foundation’s Angel and Sunshine program, Emerson not only donated money to children with heart disease, but followed up with them after treatment. Company volunteers visited children in their homes, giving them confidence and monitoring any changes in their physical and mental health. So far, 25 children have received treatment, while 20 others are awaiting operations.

    Emerson also actively took part in the Guangdong Ruyuan Highlands initiative by visiting poor regions of Liannan and Ruyuan in Guangdong province. Through on-site visits, Emerson helped 56 poor villagers in Fangwu village of Ruyuan county rebuild their dilapidated houses. To learn more about the living conditions of the villagers and the reconstruction progress of the houses, Emerson volunteers visited Ruyuan last September, helping build houses during the day and socializing with the villagers at night.

    Care for community and improve community life
    Emerson is dedicated to improving people’s lives and making the communities where it operates more attractive places to live and work. This includes providing educational support to poor students, organizing volunteers to serve the communities, and improving living conditions in economically underdeveloped regions.

    According to Jennifer Tang, Project Hope’s “Hand to Hand” activity is part of the company’s Care for Community plan, whose purpose is to encourage employees to give back to society and support the education in poor regions. The activity enabled poor students in Sichuan and Guangdong to return to school and complete their primary education.

    Project synergy to reinforce social impact
    Dadong Zhao said, “Emerson encourages college students who have received assistance from the New Great Wall Program to participate in voluntary teaching and on-site visits under the Water Cellar Program. In this way, integrating different projects results in synergy and reinforces the social impact of our projects.”

    Since 2009, Emerson has participated in the Water Cellar for Mothers Program, which aims to alleviate water shortages in Yunnan province. China employees and students formed volunteer teams and visited the villages and families where a waterworks was built two years ago. During the visit, Emerson noticed that a local school had about 160 students but only four teachers, including the principal. To support the school’s teaching, Emerson planned a voluntary teaching project and called upon students who received assistance under the New Great Wall Program, along with company employees, to volunteer to join the project. In the process of recruiting volunteers, the candidates prepared teaching plans and went through a series of evaluations and assessments. In July and August 2013, the selected volunteers went to the villages with computer and stationery and taught the local students the knowledge they were eager to learn.

    “During the project, volunteers worked hard and prepared their teaching plans carefully to ensure that each class was well designed. We believe they will become the pillar of our society in the near future. I’m glad to see them growing together with Emerson,” said Jennifer Tang.

    Emerson has set up more than 40 legal entities in China. All of them have actively contributed to charitable programs, and the company’s efforts in this area are ongoing, as Emerson continues developing such programs in China in 2014.

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