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  • Campus Recruiting FAQ

    1. Q: When does the Emerson Campus Recruiting start? What are the specific schedule and locations?

      A: Emerson launches a Campus Talk every April and October. For the schedule, please visit the Emerson Campus Recrui​ting section in 51Job ( Those websites present the latest job openings, which are updated regularly.

    2. Q: What is Emerson's recruiting process?

      A: The Emerson Campus Recruiting process consists of the following steps: campus recruiting event, resume collection, resume screening, interview and final employment.

    3. Q: What are Emerson looking for? What are the criteria to select resumes?

      A: Emerson values applicants' competence. Competence is mainly composed of two aspects, talent and quality. Quality refers to a person's essential character, including honesty, passion, care, industriousness, and teamwork.

      Specific to this recruitment of fresh graduates, we will focus on:
      - Learning abilities and habits (academic achievements is one of the references);
      - Character development and self-cultivation (involvement in various activities at school and outside are one of the references).

      Obviously, Emerson recruits graduates primarily on the basis of their competence. We adopt such indicators as matching majors, outstanding results, rich social experience and certificates of honors.

    4. Q: Where will newly recruited graduates work in Emerson? How does Emerson deal with graduates' permanent residence settlement and archives?

      Emerson provides working opportunities worldwide. The specific working place is determined according to the need of our companies, and specified in job descriptions. Therefore, please read the recruitment information carefully.

      According to the compliance with the government's policy about the permanent residence and archives, Emerson will help employees deal with those issues. 

    5. Q: Emerson divisions offer a lot of vacancies. What aspects should be taken into consideration when students apply for a position?

      You can apply for several positions when submitting your resumes. Meanwhile, please be reminded to carefully read job descriptions and requirements, to ensure that you apply to the most suitable positions.

    6. Q: Do the positions require a higher English level?

      Good Chinese and English levels are among our selection criteria. English is the working language in Emerson, so fluent English helps you integrate into the company better.

    7. Q: What career development opportunities does Emerson offer if I join the company?

      The dynamic and developing Emerson is offering many opportunities to those employees who are willing to take up challenges, uphold perseverance, actively acquire new knowledge and make innovations. You may visit the column "Careers" in our website for more imformation.
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