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​Career Development​


  • Career Development

    Emerson considers employee career development one of the cornerstones of our annual human resources planning. The goal is to link the employee development plan with the key business strategies, enabling the company to embrace the challenges and opportunities created by rapid economic growth in Asia.

    "Talent development is our key focus. We believe that Emerson’s success relies on our talented and outstanding employees. We invest resources and time so that our people can enhance their strengths and grow together with the company. Integrity and our focus on people ensure that the Emerson legacy of excellence at every level of the business continues over time," said Colleen Law, vice president, human resources, Emerson Asia Pacific.

    Talent Assessment and Development
    The management team from Emerson corporate and all the business units hold meetings every year to discuss employee career development, allocation of human resources and related training programs. Typically, they discuss status updates from each business unit and establish five year development plans.

    To meet the rapid development of our businesses, the management team will also discuss and identify employees with a high potential for development. To do this they use a system called "Color Me Green" to evaluate and illustrate employees' performance, their abilities to work with others and their overall potential. From this analysis the company will develop customized training programs for these potential top performers. Aside from training programs, these employees will also be deployed to different business units to expand their horizons, offer them new experiences and further develop their skills.

    Learning and Development
    Emerson has a well-established team for internal training, which organizes professional training courses to meet the needs of employees at different levels. These courses include personal effectiveness enhancement, people management skills and leadership development. Training programs for executives in key positions and various internal certification programs are also available.

    LEAP Course for China
    Emerson has designed LEAP (Learning for Employee Advancement Program) , a training and development program dedicated to Chinese executives, in partnership with the China Europe International Business School (“CEIBS”). The program is composed of six modules and is conducted in English. Each module consists of, not only the latest management concepts that CEIBS tailors for Emerson’s executives, but also presentations from Emerson senior executives who share their invaluable experience, our management philosophy and the business strategies that have built Emerson into what it is today.

    This training program not only provides career development opportunities to employees who have delivered outstanding performance and have high potential, it also helps the company identify and cultivate future leaders. We hope that this program, that combines the Emerson culture with the lastest thinking from a first-class training institution, will push forward employee career development in Emerson, and help us attract, retain and grow the talent we need for the future.

    We Value Talent Development in China
    Asia Pacific, especially China, is very important to Emerson, and Emerson senior executives often travel between the U.S. and China. Employee training and involvement in the leadership training courses are important components of these visits. Executives also give presentations at universities and share their experiences and thinking with students while they are in China.

    Emerson offers Chinese employees many training and development opportunities. "An Emerson corporate study reveals that 85% of our top executives were promoted from within the company. It is this systematic recruiting and continuous development approach that ensures the continuity of our management team. For example, when we acquire a company, we will first consider internal development, transfer or promotion before recruiting managers from outside Emerson," said Colleen Law, vice president for Human Resources, Emerson Asia Pacific.

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