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  • Corporate Citizenship 

    ​Corporate Citizenship​

  • ​Emerson in India: Making a Difference

    In 2015, Emerson in India developed and launched a corporate citizenship programme called “Making A Difference” that consolidates funds from its business units operating in India. The core philosophy behind Emerson’s corporate citizenship efforts in India is to make a difference in addressing the unmet needs of society, communities and people. Emerson's goal has been to design a programme which:

    • Will not discriminate and will provide equal opportunities to communities and affected people
    • Focus on the underprivileged
    • Will not be limited to any one organisation or community
    • Provide forward looking, far reaching, impactful and enduring results
    In partnership with selected NGOs and agencies, the Emerson Making A Difference programme will fund worthy projects that have gone through a rigorous due diligence process overseen by a corporate social responsibility committee of Emerson executives and managers in India. The projects approved are closely monitored and measured for impact and effectiveness.

    Education is the initial focus of Emerson’s Making a Difference programme in India. Emerson is seeking to build awareness and interest in science and its applications to help reduce overall school drop-out rates and aid in the continuity of education of underprivilege youth​. To help in its quest, in 2015-2016 Emerson in India is partnering with Agastya International Foundation and SOS Children’s Villages of India​. To learn more about the specific projects being funded by Emerson, click on the logos below.

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