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  • Investing in Our Organization Where People Make the Difference

    Commitment to People, Open Communication and Leadership as a Cornerstone of Emerson's Business Process

    Integrity and a focus on people assure that the Emerson legacy of excellence at every level of our business continues over time. Delivering all-out performance requires trust founded on open and honest communications. This transparency helps align commitment to our goals with recognition of how each person's ideas, energy and enthusiasm contributes to Emerson's success.

    In keeping with our core values, we emphasize and nurture a deep commitment to the people of Emerson and the organizational model that propels our success. The imperative to deal fairly with our employees and to develop and motivate people as innovators and leaders forms a cornerstone of our management process and our high-performance approach to business.

    Emerson's long history of positive and effective employee practices provides our company with a set of beliefs, approaches and tools, which we export to every country where we operate. Emerson's management process, conceived in the 1950s when we operated as a small Missouri company, depends on the same values and organizational principles today and succeeds in the range of business environments we encounter across six continents.

    Our successful global expansion proves Emerson's success in adapting our management process to execute it effectively in a wide variety of cultural and business climates. This requires blending our fundamentals with an objective view of local distinctions. Regardless of the location, we find a common thread among employees and managers who desire to be a part of an organization that combines integrity and a commitment to hard work with open and realistic communication in order to succeed in a sustained manner. By bringing our best practices to locales across the world, we attract and employ the best and most motivated people.

    To create an environment where people can make a difference, management has the responsibility to:

    • Attract potential leaders with attributes and aptitudes consistent with the key components of Emerson's management process and beliefs
    • Plan organizational changes in a manner that matches the required capacities with career development opportunities for our high potential managers
    • Commit to training leaders to assure organizational excellence and continuity

    For the organization as a whole, investing in people requires that we:

    • Engage and communicate directly with employees to respect, inform and motivate them and resolve workplace issues
    • Manage employee relations in a fair and balanced way to maximize the contributions of each valued member of the Emerson team
    • Respect human rights and the dignity of every person