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  • Contributing to Our Communities

    Engagement and Support Enhance Economies, Quality of Life
    Emerson programs enhance and improve lives and make the communities in which we operate more attractive places to live and work. By extending our time-tested programs and practices into emerging markets, we are also helping to stimulate economic development through initiatives like educational alliances with universities.

    Bringing Economic Prosperity
    The majority of Emerson's employees, revenues, and investments in plants and facilities reside outside the United States. This distribution reflects our engagement in the world’s evolving economy, and makes Emerson a substantial force in extending global commerce and creating skilled jobs in emerging markets. Additionally, Emerson-sponsored new ideas and innovations offer a sense of purpose and fulfillment to these communities that help to improve the overall quality of life.

    Enhancing Education in Developing Regions
    Emerson's support of local institutions of higher learning stands out as a particularly noteworthy aspect of our commitments around the world. As a technology-focused organization, we value the need to nurture and encourage young people fascinated by the elements of science and management education. Once we establish a presence in key Emerson locations, our management teams set a priority to establish formal ties with key colleges and universities.

    Under this program, Emerson has taken a leadership role in supporting educational programs at dozens of universities in developed and developing countries. Emerson's continuing success depends on our ability to attract well-educated, high​ly skilled and talented managers, engineers and other employees, and the programs that we support help universities to identify, educate and nurture individuals with these characteristics. These university programs also benefit local communities – especially those in the developing world -- which rely in part on quality educational opportunities to attract new residents, drive economic activity and raise standards of living.

    Cooperation takes place in many forms:

    • Sponsoring new advanced degree programs around progressive globally relevant technology themes that bring world-class curricula to the developing world
    • Funding laboratories and professorships
    • Sponsoring research in topics critical to Emerson'​s technology future
    • Providing scholarships to fund basic education


    These endeavors help Emerson directly and also enable us to engage with the brightest and most motivated young people who are anxious to have an impact on world in their chosen field. We enjoy great success helping educate and then employing these individuals. Most gratifying, however, is the engagement we offer to the colleges and universities, not only with financial contributions but also in connecting their curricula to great challenges and further enabling their contributions to important technology advances.