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  • Corporate Citizenship 

    Corporate Citizenship

  • A Passion for Progress and Integrity

    Applying the Best Technology and Greatest Human Talent to Benefit Our Customers and the World

    Few companies can rival Emerson's steady rise during the last half century to rank among the most innovative and successful industrial enterprises, widely known for our management process, sustained financial performance and operational excellence. What began in 1890 as a single plant producing electric motors and fans in St. Louis, Missouri, has grown into a global technology and solutions provider that meets some of the world's most significant challenges.

    Emerson holds prime global market positions in each core business: Network Power, Process Management, Industrial Automation, Climate Technologies, and Commercial & Residential Solutions. While we drive our achievements with a multitude of sophisticated processes, operations and skills, our fundamental approach follows this simple proposition: Emerson combines the best technology and the world's greatest human talent to create solutions for the benefit of our customers and the world. We succeed by thoughtfully applying this principle to help our customers grow, to improve quality of life and to meet important business and social challenges.

    Emerson's long-term success ultimately depends on our management team's ability to maintain our conviction and continually reshape our approach in a dynamic world. Our management values and beliefs begin with integrity: We insist on integrity in everything we do. In addition, our focus on sustainable business practices and decisions guides our management and approach to social stewardship. We firmly believe that these principles directly support our primary obligation to manage for the benefit of our stakeholders.

    Day-to-day, this means investing in people, cultivating leaders, focusing on innovation for our customers, creating jobs and economic development, delivering solutions that enhance living standards, and assisting the efforts that sustain a healthy and safe world.

    While much remains for all of us to accomplish, we take enormous pride in Emerson's contributions and in the skills and momentum that we bring to critical issues in today's world.

    The Emerson management framework builds on several key tenets:

    Insisting on the Highest Ethical Behavior
    Our policies and practices direct our employees to conduct business lawfully and ethically wherever we operate. We adhere to firm, uncompromising standards for Emerson's leadership and employees with respect to interactions with customers, suppliers, government agencies and the public. Learn more.

    Investing in Our Organization Where People Make the Difference
    Guided by principles of integrity, compliance and the drive to succeed, we emphasize leadership development and manage operations in a manner that fosters fairness, organizational strength, and strong communications with and respect for our employees. Learn more.

    Promoting Health and Safety
    Emerson strives to provide safe and healthy work conditions as the foundation for promoting the well-being of our employees worldwide. Our involvement and commitment to advancing good health and safety practices throughout our operations and in our customers' industrial and commercial settings reflect our fundamental values. Learn more.

    Advancing Environmental Stewardship
    We take pride in the role Emerson plays in helping to protect the environment. This begins with promoting a mindset of environmental awareness and protection throughout our organization and extends to creating technologies critical to advancing environmental improvements which meet or exceed government environmental regulations. Our products and solutions enable customers to improve energy efficiency as well as control and limit adverse environmental impacts. Learn more.

    Developing and Managing a Responsible Global Supply Chain
    Emerson believes viable suppliers must exhibit sensible and thoughtful approaches to their employees' rights, the environment and ethical behavior. As a consequence, we advocate relationships only with partners that meet this standard. We require Emerson employees who manage our vendor base to investigate and weigh these factors when choosing suppliers. Furthermore, we ask that they be diligent in their interactions and report unacceptable behavior to maintain a sustainable supply chain. Learn more.

    Contributing to Our Communities
    Emerson provides financial and other resources where we live and work to support hundreds of community organizations and educational institutions. Our broad investment in Emerson operations and educational institutions in developing regions provides a significant force in economic growth within these important regions. These commitments spread the benefits of prosperity and enrich the lives of citizens by strengthening these communities and regions. Learn more.